Shanghai Leg Lock Mastery Seminar



encyclopedia of leg locks

"Ralf is an encyclopedia of leg locks. If you like leg locks, or just simply enjoy hurting people, don't miss the opportunity to train with Ralf."

- Scott Ross, 10th Planet HQ

What you will learn

  • Standing entries into Ashi Garami.
  • How to properly control the saddle hold or knee line of your opponent.
  • Tripod belly down ankle lock when opponent defends.
  • How to correctly deal with the “Boot”.
  • Transitioning from 50/50 to the Holeyhole, followed by the Knee Knot.
  • Seminar Q&A, leg lock troubleshooting and more.

Event Date

9th & 10th September 2017
12:00 - 15:00 PM


750 RMB


Warzone, Shanghai
Facebook: /WarzoneBJJ


WeChat ID: Tyler_In_Shanghai
Call: +86 131 2076 0310
Instagram: @_tylercasselman


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